I’m Jules, a sixteen year old aspiring artist. I sing, songwrite, and taught myself how to play the guitar. Growing up, I was raised listening to many styles of music, ranging from U2 to Herbie Hancock to Pearl Jam. Music has always been an important aspect of my life. Because I’ve been singing since a young age, music has always helped me express myself.


My current music style is derived from punk, pop-punk, emo, and riot-grrrl, genres that reject mainstream conformity and promote empowerment and freedom of expression. I strongly agree with the feminist ideals riot-grrrl presents and I believe it is something that needs to be spoken about more in our world. In addition, a large factor of why I love emo and pop-punk music is because most songs are focused around mental health and it’s breaking the stigma around mental illness.


I started playing gigs around my hometown with a live music organization fundraising for local charities, and at protests and rallies in support of climate justice. To add to that, I won the Excellence in Vocal Music award at my elementary school in 2020. I’ve also been building a social media presence, as well as a name for myself in the online alternative scene. My music is shared through videos and live-streams on my tik-tok account @_jules_is_dead, where I have also been able to connect to numerous bands and artists that inspire me, such as Three Days Grace, Black Veil Brides, Renforshort, and Mariana’s Trench.


I have been able to use my social media standing to connect to a community of youth interested in the same genres I am. I'm focused on writing and playing music about feminism and self-identity.


This is only the start of my journey, and I intend to stay true to my passion of music and create a legacy of BIPOC and LGTBQ+ youth and girls empowered by music.

Jules (she/they)


King City Coffee House - October  2022

Canadian Musicians Cooperative Showcase - August 2022

Music in the Park, Innisfil - August 2022

Bailey House - July 2022

King City Coffee House - May 2022

North Country's Got Talent - March - April 2022

Making Change AGM (Virtual) - December 2021


Sonder Night Market - October 2021

FunCon Event - September 2021

Live Music Show Fundraisers - August, September, October 2021

Making Change Black History Month Panel (Virtual) - February 2021

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Jules at Canadian Musicians Cooperative Showcase 3
Jules at Canadian Musicians Cooperative Showcase 2
Jules at Canadian Musicians Cooperative Showcase 1
Jules at Alley Sep 2021 Credit Jake Mathias_edited
JulesatAlleySept2021 credit Jake Mathias
JulesatAlleyAug2021 credit Michele Newton
Jules at Alley Credit- Stephan Elliot
JulesatSunrise2020 credit Eric Roswell
Jules Innisfil 2022
Jules Innisfil 2023 - 2



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